Technology led Education and Infrastructure


The Digital Economy is already a reality across the world, in Ethiopia and here in Somaliland. It grows in importance and relevance on a daily basis.

Emerging technologies and ways of doing business present huge opportunities. They can bridge the gap between the decline of traditional heavy industries and the growth of new industries, and deliver the prosperity people deserve.

Our proposed digital valley will be somewhere that technological innovation and entrepreneurial spirit can thrive, where young people’s aspirations can be met, where the public, private and third sectors support work seamlessly to deliver opportunities for residents and new technology can support and improve the lives of everyone, but particularly our most vulnerable citizens.

– Somaliland and the wider region will be ready with the infrastructure and skilled workforce to offer global businesses a state of readiness and connectivity unrivalled to anywhere else in Ethiopia, and Africa.

To deliver this vision, we will focus on:

• The digital participation, skills and access needed for Somaliland’s digital future.

• Providing the communications infrastructure that businesses need to thrive.

• Enabling the growth of local creative industries, recognising the need for support and innovation to identify viable research and ideas, and to develop them commercially.

• An analysis of the skills, research and training markets , together with an assessment of how education issues are being addressed in preparation for the digital economy.

• Recognition that in a world of high speed connectivity, Somaliland needs a digital framework, to replace the outdated analogue one.

A perfect location for business

As the Gateway to the Africa, Somaliland is perfectly located with superb developing transport links to all parts of the Ethiopia giving it access to an enormous skilled and educated workforce.

Our Expertise

Our specialty is in the following areas:

Mainly in delivery education, designing and building 21st Century learning Environments


Design, develop and implement 21st century modern infrastructure to deliver health, education, public sector, private sector and third sector services, utilizing high end technology and wireless infrastructures.