The warm water of the Gulf of Aden borders the country of Somaliland over a coastline spanning 850kms on its southern fringes. This coastline extends from Loyaaddo in the west to Elayo in the east. Artisan fisherman who work along this coast harvest various tropical fish. They include; Tuna of various types, Snappers, Groupers, Grunts, Trevally, Emperors, Barracudas, Goat Fish, Parrot Fish, Various types of Mackerel, Sea Beams and Mullets. This can occasionally include other marine organisms caught, such as; Sea Cucumbers, Shrimps, Lobsters and also edible crabs.

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We are looking to utilise substantial vessels in order to streamline the process. We aim to prepare the products on board and freeze for mass distribution. This method would also enable us to minimize costs while controlling quality procedures.

According to various reports published by international organisations, Somaliland fisheries remain untapped. FAO (Food and Agriculture Organisation) estimated that an abundance of 200,000 tonnes of fish in the national water and that a maximum sustainable yield of 40,000 tonnes a year could be harvested without endangering the stocks. Estimated fish production at this present time ranged from 1,000 to 1,500 tonnes a year with shark hunting being the mainstay of the artisan fishing community in Somaliland. More than 90% of the fishing fleet hunt for shark. In addition to this, a sizable amount of sea cucumbers reaching several tonnes a year is harvested in the waters of Zeila and nearby islands. Amongst this edible crabs and shrimps are caught in Zeila and Togoshi areas.


With regards to safety and security of the fishing vessels, we work closely with Somaliland government to ensure that employees are protected. We at Korjan International will employ our protection team that will accompany all of the production vessels. The protection offered will be bespoke and based on the individual needs and risk assessments of the vessels, based on factors such as number of employees, fishing areas etc.